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Clash Royale Tips – What Are The Best And Worst Cards?
Just like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale continues to surprise with its popularity. It’s one of the most successful multiplayer mobile games found on the market and it gets more and more players each day. It’s been a year and a half since it was released, and its evolution is absolutely incredible. Today we are showing you some of the best and worst cards you can find in the game.

Best Clash Royale Cards

Skeleton Army
This is a divisive card, but it is used by lots of players found at various levels. It counters many cards, especially the big tanks. Moreover, it costs only 3 elixir.

The Log
Remember that one of the main components of a good deck is (welcome to our Clash Of Clans Gems site ). a card that clears out a lot of (for more info about weaker enemies. Arrows and lightning were preferred before, but now it seems that the Log is a new trend. It deals enough damage for bigger enemies and it can delay any big pushes that can come up.
Elixir Collector
If you know how to defend it, the Elixir collector can be a great card. The Collector offers you more elixir for a big push against the opponent.

Worst Cards in Clash Royale

Barbarian Hut
The hut decks are no good these days, regardless of the level you have. They cost a lot and the rewards are few. For example, the Barbarian Hut costs 7 elixir and you remain wide open for attacks. The risk is huge and it’s inadequate for any deck.

Goblin Hut
Just like the Barbarian Hut, the Goblin Hut is simply not effective. It does apply pressure on a lane, but it can’t deal enough damage alone. Moreover, it has a low health and it’s hard to use.

Clash Royale how to quickly collect 10 crowns Clash Royale quick collection of crown methods

Many players are very difficult to collect 10 crown process is very difficult, in the end there is no good way to collect 10 crown it? Today Xiaobian to teach you a little skill, easy to help players to collect Clash Royale 10 crowns get chest:

Third, arms with immobilization

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Third, arms with immobilization

The previous version is not to say that the current version of the 11 after the strengthening of the (tower, the tower, tower, even crossbow, queen, arms level (enemy reinforcements)) on the low level of the difficulty of the cup should be said to increase No, so more than 11 to strengthen the front cup more challenging.

(2) 4 Bomb (Level 6) 1 Flies (Level 5) 4 Flash (Level 6) 1 Earthquake (Level 3) + (Rescue, Potion) Configuration, play is the elimination of two air defenses, and then hit the success rate. This configuration has been used today on my legend. Like the previous said, after 4539 I gave up nine red cup, rose ten, with the syrup is still so, 23 dragons (4) 4 bombs (6) 1 flies (5) 4 flash (7) Earthquake (Level 3).

Of course, there are other 10 cups with other match, because I was nine red cup of ideas, so the first ten to continue to use, did not upgrade other arms. There are also common dog ball flies three violent two (for more info about frozen fish flow and so on.

Fourth, the fighting experience to control your black three (0 stars) the number of times. 1 star is also numerous times than black three strong, may be to spend your day to recover the loss.

Because the search opponent’s settings, you are basically found to you are less than 300 cups of opponents, 4700 after the gap is greater. That is, you can take 7,8 cups Samsung opponent, black three to buckle more than 30 cups. And almost no ten after the 4700.

All 11, most full of defense. For the search of each opponent, no matter how attractive his defense layout, we must remember to play success priority!

Fifth, (welcome to our Clash Of Clans Gems site ). defensive formation

This is the legend of the nine of the first ten, the importance is very low, because about 4500 hit you 11 more and more, 4700 after almost all of 11 to do you, and are full of three king and Top dog ball flies.

No matter how good your formation is almost inevitable in the Samsung, the difference is just how many opponents you take the cup only. There are 11 I hit a star. I’m still putting out my trash defense.

Class A:

A-level and S-level differences are not large, their ability to almost become A-level (such as Brock, if not Piper’s words). In general, if you can master the A-level heroes, they can also achieve the effect of S-level.

Brock: has the highest attack power and the farthest range (and Piper the same), the lack of Piper life of the big move. Need to pay attention to maintain the distance and the enemy, skilled use of the words is also a good choice.

Mortis: With his speed and flexibility, can be in the group of seven in seven. His advantage is that you can quickly close to the enemy star high role (usually more stars and more stations will be more), the output of a wave or kill is a good choice, in the breeze Bureau has miraculous. The disadvantage is to use more emphasis on teammates with.

Poco: the role of gems oil type, the accuracy of the attack is the best (large-scale fan, in the attack range is difficult to beat), big move can be the same time and their own teammates (now the only role of milk), in the various Game mode performance is relatively good.


How to get the experience to become the last surviving Cock silk? Non-powerful type mainly by hiding. The map will be poisonous from the surroundings. Straight fill the entire map. Each map has a lot of grass. Try to move some to the center at birth. Make sure nobody sees you. And then rely on it to hide the grass do not stand in the grass where the chaos. At least four dead in the nest. Die five can be waves. Left to the last two can commit suicide. Sure to be beaten. Ok experience to hand. About 10 times to get the basic experience of the 5 level

About this powerful hero. Wrestling men and sprayers are the thickest men. The starting field will start back from the middle of your position. Use this to do a good job of investigation. There will be a number of explosives on the map. Punch to give an energy. Plus their own 100 blood cap. This is very important. Use the investigation immediately rushed to the explosion plus blood. Generally near the nearest is no Top Up Brawl Stars gems from reputable Brawl Stars Gems sellers via secure marketplace. Cheap, fast, safe and 24/7. ambush. But why do not you recommend other heroes? A lot of crisp and do not add that little blood meaning little. If the exposed position is easy to kill. And then you can continue to open the box plus blood or hide the number of people to reduce. Blood should pay attention. There may be ambush near the box. Do not go up is the three under the attack all destroyed. Be sure to keep the amount. In case of attack you come to the tragic (squatting is also to see him batter three boxes in the rush to the flat) generally have two or so energy is better to survive.

If you desperately grab the box. Reach 4-5 basic people see you will hide. Use this advantage to continue to expand to kill crispy. Hit the box. Basic 3 is the play. The last thing left is not the wrestler is the scattered girl. Note that wrestling men are very easy to be empty. Missing girl close to the whole injury is also very impressive. Fight it.

Novice must look at the Brawl Stars gems out of heroic skills

Good practice this picture generally half a day will be able to get a lot of gems coins. Big escape code is still a little good is not pit teammates.

Why not other maps? Because all maps can be played with bot robots. Won the same money and experience that you stand alone are not win. Delete the game But must play with the players have hero experience (cup) with the high demand. Teammates pig is not pig you slag is not important. The big fled to the map as long as the possession of good. All the heroes can get a stable number of cups. Fast average rise hero level. And then pick your favorite special practice.

The rest of the map a total of three. Grab the star. Grab gems. Keep or protect the safe. Slag operation to win more difficult. It is necessary to cooperate. Upgrade is slow. Grab the stars to grab the gems of the relationship do lone chivalrous. Try to work with teammates as much as possible. Do not bleak on the other side of the blind. Must look at the situation. The bear bear Good situation may be a wave of reversal of the basic fit for all heroes. Offensive and defensive safe this is relatively unbalanced. More chaotic point. Is the attack must be hard Save energy open circuit fried safe. Do not greet the head Useless Especially not recommended robot gunmen. Keep okay. Attack this crisp can not fry the wall can not resist. Basic knives.

New people do not recommend carrying rockets that Ah. hard to (for more info about use. Try to know. The rest are okay.

Wild fight Brawlstars novice start the best development strategy

How to develop? For these novice often ask the question, Xiaobian to talk about the Brawl Stars novice start the best development of Raiders….

1. start to buy two gems buff, the first time limit to buy once on the line of the first 1000 gems coins can be used to buy, the equivalent of 50 drill to buy 1000 gems coins.

2. Hero can use purple medicine to upgrade the blood, ordinary attack damage, big trick injury, a hero full of 45 bottles of purple medicine, purple medicine can only use the box out.

3. Heroes can only open the box out of repeat heroes can be exchanged for heroes, if you want to Krypton box suggested to keep the quality of more than heroes, civilians can not be directly picked to the hero.

4. to the Micron Party’s proposal, two hair 648, stay several times to buy 1000 gems coins doubled the other open the box, plus the gems box out of the box of purple medicine can raise three or four heroes full 15, you can choose to rise Two and then have a focus on raising two heroes.

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