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Leharma double ring Gleesman Mambei work, France 4-0 Dutch _ tiger flutter international football news
FIFA 18NEWS Beijing time on the 1st morning 2:45,2018 Russian World Cup European qualifying A group 7 round of a (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
focus of war in the French stadium officially started, France 4-0 win over the Netherlands. The first half Gleeszan single shot break, the French team offensive, the Netherlands only parry the power; the second half of the situation remains the same, Le Mare staged a second-degree play, Mbabei substitute meritorious deeds, Was sent off, the final French home victory over the Netherlands topped the list, the Netherlands fell to fourth. World Cup six rounds before the war, France and Sweden with 13 points, only the goal difference ranking second team; the Netherlands before the product 10 points ranked third, the game for the Orange Legion can be described as can not be lost , If you can not win, the tulip of the World Cup dream will be drifting away. On the first side, Giroux as a siege hammer, Gleeszmann and Borgba command midfielder, Coleman and Le Mall composed of wings; the Netherlands, Robben and Sneijder led the play, return to Van Persie is on standby. After the opening of the French team by the home of the potential to start onslaught, the first 9 minutes, the Gleeszan arc top of the ball after the fast sub-left side, Le Mare ball pass to the point, Giru fear Hort’s high leg Defense, facing the other side of the iron head header, the results of the ball was the other side to block the bottom line. The first 10 minutes, Bogba after the ball out of the ball, Sneijder steals the ball, Robben restricted the right side of the ball into the ball after the knock on the cannon, Vernard Dumu restricted the outside to follow the low shot missed. The first 14 minutes, Sidi Beibei success on the ball grabbed the ball to Gleeszman, the latter through the exquisite wall with Girou with a single shot into the restricted area, straight West Lacey easy to push the door, 1-0! The first 21 minutes, near the Copan line to save the ball after the bike cut into the restricted area, but unfortunately the last pass did not form a tacit understanding with his teammates. The first 29 minutes, Keman right-sided rocket to accelerate off the defensive player after the bottom line near the back of the inverted triangle sent back, Borgba restricted area within the ball back to knock the cannon, Kurzawa outside the follow-up burst bursts of anti-aircraft guns. 31 minutes, the French frontcourt forced to cut off the ball, Coleman restricted the front spike out of the foot from the foot of the far point, the West Leisen fell to the ground puffed the ball. The first 39 minutes, Keman right-sided continuous emergency change to the flash point, then the ball rub the door, West Larsen did not neglect the double boxing out the ball. The first 41 minutes, Borgba 30 meters away from the door outside the foot long shot by West Larson stable poke. Then the two teams into the intermission. France temporarily 1-0 lead the Netherlands, but the scene to take full initiative. Easy side battles, the first 52 minutes, Janssen restricted area within a small angle low shot out of the bottom line, but the ball has been offside position. 54 minutes, the French corner of the left corner of the Netherlands caused a chaos, Robin took the ball to try to break but was steals, Borgba restricted area pull the ball out of the way from the foot of the volley, Hold tightly. (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The first 61 minutes, Keman right-sided blasting success, the ball forced overtaking into the restricted area after the cross-knock in front of Kante inserted Tuishe was West Leisen and defender side by side denied. The first 62 minutes, Sturman backcourt defensive sweep Greydman eat yellow card, and two red and one red was sent off. Then Van Persie alternate Yang Sen played, ten people fighting the Netherlands has no need to take into account the defense, had the most drastic attack. 66 minutes, Le Malle Zhidai behind, Gloucester ball into the restricted area after the cross knock, the ball sliding door and failed to find Qiangdou Giru. 68 minutes, the Netherlands on the left after the pass to find the point, Robben plug in the header, Umm Titti header in front of the rescue. Then France quickly through the half, Borgba left the ball to accelerate into the restricted area after the buckle grabbed the small Brindel kicker shot, but unfortunately the ball hit the chest in the West Liss. The first 73 minutes, Sidi Beibei oblique pass was Defrey header siege, waiting in the restricted area outside the Le Male ball bow, the ball, such as the artillery shells fleeing into the upper right corner of the goal, 2-0! 76 minutes, just joined the big Paris Mbabei off the bench, his debut also by the scene of the warm call of the Paris fans. The first 80 minutes, Mbabei Road Hurricane with a few people into the restricted area after the foot shot, West Larsen the ball in the future brave denied. 89 minutes, Borgba counterattack sent accurate Zhise, the French restricted area 3 hit 0, Gloucester cross hit the nanny assists, Le Marmer in front of shovel shot, 3-0! 90 minutes, Van Persie ball left the restricted area, Robben small angle burst shot in the column. The first 91 minutes, Mbipei shaking into the restricted area after the ball on the right side, Sidi Bei non-stop ball down the triangle back, Mbapei violent aspirations, 4-0! The final score in France and score, home victory over the Netherlands after the top of the top group. Player rating: the game offer scored twice scored Le Mare scored the highest score, Bogba and Gleeszmann, Coleman and other attackers have been well received; the Netherlands, Robben and Sneijder are low Points, the red end of the Stroman is only get 4.9 points.


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