Booker invited 270 students to watch the WNBA playoff game for free

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Booker invited 270 students to watch the WNBA playoff game for free
Tiger Defender, who has always been a loyal supporter of Phoenix Mercury, today brought a large audience to the WNBA team. According to the Mercury team officially announced that Booker for Arizona State University students bought 270 tickets, invited them to the scene to watch Mercury and Seattle storm team playoff first round single-game knockout. The match will take place at the Richmond Bank Arena in Arizona, at 7:00 pm local time on September 5. At 4 pm, tickets will be issued at the north gate of the arena, and all students with Arizona student ID card will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Miami Heat Alliance affiliate team will host a local player tournament
Today announced that the team will be in Miami (local time on September 24) and Sioux Falls (local time on September 16), the team will be in Miami (local time on September 24) and Sioux Falls (local time on September 16 ) Host a local tournament. At that time, the strength team coaching staff and the fire personnel department staff will come to the scene, the players will have the opportunity to get the force team in October training camp invitation. Timberwolves official will be held for the old team team emblem of the sale of goods
Today, the Timberwolves announced through the official Twitter account that the team will be in the Mayo Clinic Square flyover on the floor of the old team wearing a team logo, the time for the local time Thursday and Friday morning two days 7: 30 to 6:00 pm. The sale includes discounted items with old team logo, shaking his head dolls, jerseys and other merchandise. In addition, customers have the opportunity to get some of the former team players and the current team players rare collection and handwriting. Skyforce to Host Local Player Tryouts in Miami | Miami Heat
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NBA manager: no personal contact can not get a free agent
According to the British journalist Shams Charania, the Lakers have been fined $ 500,000 by the Union for failing to lure. The survey shows that the Lakers general manager Bob Pelinka had had an exchange with Paul-George’s agent, expressing interest in George, who still had a contract, in violation of the rules. Lakers Basketball Affairs CEO Magic Johnson warned of George’s remarks during the nationwide television broadcast on April 20, local time. Today, a former NBA team general manager and a current NBA team general manager in an interview with the media talked about the matter, both did not disclose personal information. Former NBA general manager said: "If the team management does not try to violate this aspect of the provisions, then he did not work. “The current manager added:” Private contact with the players is the basis of the entire league, do not do so, then it is impossible to get a free agent, which is the only way to complete any operation. In addition, an eastern division of the scouts also made their own views: “NBA always there are a variety of illegal contacts, but there is a limit.” Some teams are too blatantly, feel high on the high, in fact, they could have a little cross-border at the same time learn to respect the opponent and the relevant provisions. NBA scrolling news (Click to buy nba 2k18 vc, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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