Teach you to watch the same as an expert

Posted by trtr tt dse on Sep 06 2017 at 10:28PM PDT

Teach you to watch the same as an expert
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Often someone asked me what to watch when sitting in front of the TV on Sunday. My answer is generally based on the day against the set, and complex and detailed. However, I have summarized some tips that might enhance your NFL experience. Although some of the skills related to the camera angle, but if you look at the 22 lens (I know most people are looking at this), then these tips will be better to help you understand what is happening on the field.
The following is to watch the NFL game need to pay attention to the five points:
1. man-to-man coverage or zone coverage?
This is important for the offensive group, because the first: you can take the opportunity to create a defensive dislocation. Second: the other side of the pressure option range is also reduced. If it is facing the man-to-man coverage of the defense, unless the zero cover (midfield no security guard), it is difficult to put pressure on the quarterback. The following is some of the cover on the defense of the explanation, and formation (formation) and motion (motion) related.
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Have you noticed a near-end front / runaway outside of the array or their own stand alone out of the situation alone? If a person in the defensive box (linebacker / security guard) is going out to cover the close / runaway, this is the man-to-man defense. The general team will want the opponent to use man-to-man defense, and then they can use the defensive dislocation.
The following is a great example from the chiefs. Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce) alone to the border, the falcon a security guard in the past to cover him. And then is a large defensive dislocation scene:

In this case, the patriots use the empty field formation (empty formation, after the field players), running away alone stand out, the falcon let security out to cover him. Then the patriots let runners move to the inside, so get more out of space and confuse the falcon defender. Good results.

An example of this Midland final is the area covering the defensive response to runaway stand alone (the bottom of the screen). Note that the Steelers sent a corner guard to cover the Patriots running back, and you can easily see that this is the area covered by the defense.


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